What’s in My Bag Featuring A New Bag.

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Now this is definitely a blogger cliche but I realized I have never shared a “what’s in my bag” post. But seriously, are we really over the blogger classics, such as empties, flatlays, favorites and what’s in my bag posts in 2020? I think not! As long as the content isn’t too repetitive I’m a big fan of occasional classic post.

What’s in My Everyday Bag?

I like to keep my bag and its contents pretty minimal, I’m not a fan of carrying around big and heavy purse. I do like the idea of carrying your whole life with you in a big tote, but in practice I want to keep my hands free. 

Off the shoulder strap is a must! My bag is from my online store Shop S.B.A. which I hadn’t sold for awhile, so I decided to buy it for myself (Mini treat!). The bag has two pouches with the middle part secured with a zipper – it keeps all my important items secure. The flap region also has a mini compartment which can fit really flat items

First I have my essentials: my ideal of Sweden Kensington clutch which serves as my wallet, my card holder and my phone. My phone is the iPhone 6s, which fits in with no problem. The card holder was a gift from Michael Louis New York.

Actually, my planner/bullet journal is also an essential. Although I’m an avid user of Notes app and Google Sheets, I like to write my errands and appointments by hand if I have to leave the house. I like to believe I’ll remember them better this way.

My sunglasses is also an essential, we don’t want to be blinded by those sun rays – right! I have had these sunnies for over 6 years now and they are definitely my go-to’s 

Finally – the fun items! My mirror and daily lip product. The mirror I carry was a gift from my mum. I carry a lip balm and this one from Mary Kay is an all time fave because it has a pink tint. My mini perfume oil from Foleys perfumery because a girl loves to smell good all the time. 

Let’s not forget our hand sanitizer and nose mask. 


P.s. Don’t forget you can apply my discount code “BBPANDP” at checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase at iDeal Of Sweden! 

What’s currently in your bag? 

See you tomorrow 




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