The 5: Art By Pearls And Pencil.

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Have you ever wondered how i came about my blog name “Pearls And Pencil”? Well, even if you didn’t – I will still let you know. I have always loved pearls as an accessory for a very long time hence the pearl, while the pencil is because of my love for art basically.

I simply started this blog as a way to express my creativity (love for fashion, art) and my relationship with God, with the hopes of meeting other people who believe in it, which could ultimately lead to creating something bigger than what it is.

While going through my older posts, I realized my love for art has not really been evident which kind of defeats the purpose of this website.

Honestly finding time to actually sit to create art or even look for one lately has been a real struggle. I know that when inspiration comes, you make the most out of it.

Recently, I got inspired to create some digital art and I thought, why not share it with the blog family, right?

Which is your favorite?

See you tomorrow




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