8 Tips On How To Be Organized

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Even though we are more than half way through the year 2020, it doesn’t hurt to be more organized till the year runs out. Organization takes time no doubt about that, but when it becomes a habit it helps to make life little easier.
8 Tips On How To Be Organized
Well I have a couple of ways I try to be organized and I decided to share with you. I hope you find them useful:

1. Organise your space

Start by getting rid of things you don’t use and give space for things that you use regularly. This helps you know what you have. Just keep in mind: Reduce visual clutter, reduce mental clutter.
2. Put It Where You Found It

Make a habit of putting things back to their right place after using them.

8 Tips On How To Be Organized

3. Make lists.
For me if I need anything or I want to go shopping I make lists. This makes it easier for me to know what I want to buy and not to buy and it helps to forget things easily. Remember the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory, so write it down. The list could be about anything It’s just to organize your thoughts.

4. Stop procrastination
Sometimes we don’t follow through on our daily tasks because we are too busy procrastinating! It comes in different forms from distractions( social media) to laziness. Here are a few ways to help beat it:

  • Remove the distractions e.g. mindless scrolling through Instagram or Twitter
  • Set time frames for daily tasks and try to stick to it but try not to rush yourself to complete the tasks at the allocated time, rushing may cause you to re-do the task again. If you can’t complete the task at the designated time, take a break and revisit it
  • Do the task you are least looking forward to first so you don’t put it off. You will be able to enjoy the task you are looking forward to more, without thinking about the dreaded task hanging over your head.

5. Use The Notes App On Your

This app is a life saver, especially for moments I don’t have time to pick up a pen and paper. You can quickly put down any idea or information that pops into your head and revisit later on to write in your notepad, diary or planner.
8 Tips On How To Be Organized
6. Use A Planner/ Diary
This is very useful if you tend to have a lot of appointments and meeting. You can keep track of your schedule and it’s easier to carry around and consult regularly.
7. Use A Calendar
Personally, I prefer a printed or hard copy version of a calendar but which ever one is fine. You can jot down important dates and events and make plans towards it
8. Ask for help
There are some tasks that cant be efficiently done by yourself, ask for help from family and friends or anybody you think can help.

Don’t worry if you are not perfectly organized after a week, just form the habit and try to stick to it. I still try to stay organized.

It’s important to note that there would be times when you can’t be totally organized but don’t sweat it, we are not all perfect

Please feel free to share how you stay organized too in the comments too.




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