3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now

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Minimalist Jewelry

I love dainty and minimal jewelry. In one of my most recent Instagram post (check the post here), I talked about one of the blessings of Instagram and Pinterest. It has helped me discover so many brands across the nations of the earth.

In that same post, I asked my followers to share their favorite jewelry brands and the comments I received led to the birth of this blog post. I decided to share the three brands that showed up in the comment section with you.

3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now


I am all for this brands aesthetic, they are definitely a go-to if you love simple, classy yet statement mostly gold rings and earrings. Most of their pieces retail from 3,500 naira ($6) – 6,000 naira ($15). This makes them pretty much available. They also offer world wide shipping.

3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now


MVMT Watches Inc. is a Los Angeles-based watch company that sells quartz watches, as well as sunglasses and accessories. I have worked with this brand before and I can tell you they are amazing! Their designs are inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers. They cater to both women and men, so there is something for every one. Another thing I love about them, is their gift boxes which are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas gifts (I just dropped a hint here).

Here are a few of their bestsellers



3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now


Tiffeny official is one of the sister brand to the famous MISKAY BOUTIQUE on Instagram. They provide you with Brilliantly Affordable Fashion Accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, waist chains, anklets, wristwatches etc. My favorite thing about them is that they have something for practically every lady from the minimalist to the baddie. Most of their pieces retail for under $50 which is pretty much affordable to me

There you have it! 3 affordable jewelry brands to shop from now. There is nothing as beautiful as finding the right type of jewelry that won’t break the bank.

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Have you shopped with any of these brands before? Do let me know your experience.


3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now

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