How I Am Finding A New Work Life Balance In Recent Times.

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It’s a Thursday morning and I am drinking a cup of tea as per usual. It’s been raining for 3 days consecutively but this lady here is not complaining because it has actually helped me ease into my workout routine which I resumed just yesterday after taking a break from it due to the fact that I had overwhelmed my self with a lot of activities.

I remember waking up on the last Saturday of May with the worst kind of headache ever, this automatically put a big pause on most of my usual activities. Then with everything going on around the world (coronavirus, black lives matter, say no to rape etc), I officially had to take a break from my personal social media accounts and slowed down on other activities.

Ironically, I had just published a blog post that week on “ 5 Things I Am Grateful For That Money cannot Buy” and on the list was “Divine health”. I began to wonder what went wrong, I know for a fact that divine health is my heritage as a redeemed child of God but why was I having a headache. The first thing that came to my mind was “Stress”. Why was I stressed, I asked myself? A few questions that popped into my head were “What are you placing values on” “What is you focusing on”.

You know the mentality most people have of working from home, how it gives you the opportunity to do many things you may not have been able to do when you were regularly commuting to work or before you became a freelancer. This is a good thing but it is also overrated. Why you may ask? It is because, it’s more than just accumulating a bunch of activities in the name of working from home but focusing your time, energy and finances etc on the most valuable ones to give you the best result.

Since the lockdown, I have been focusing on building my social media pages most especially Instagram, create content and execute them for my clients, build my online store which involves making sales & visibility.

Don’t get me wrong these activities are all good because who doesn’t want to grow and be successful but the question that stuck to me was, were these activities shifting my focus off The One who gave me these “activities” I prayed for in the first place.

Personally when things are not going the way I thought they should, I take a step back to reflect and find out what went wrong. The week I took a break from my personal social media accounts coincided with a 7 days prayer and fasting in my church where the focus was on praying for a revival in the church of Christ. (Habakkuk 3: 2, 4, 6, 13, 17-19). This one activity actually helped me put some perspective on my work life balance because God showed me in little ways how to get things back on track. A few (used few here because He is still revealing them to me) of which include

1. Start with Me (God) first.

This meant consciously putting Him first before any other thing. Starting my day and ending it with Him, involving Him in my daily activities before making any drastic decision or change, above all else consciously seek His kingdom first in every area of my life (Matthew 6:33). This takes off any form of worry or fear i May have of the present or future. It helps put a better perspective on my activities per day.

2. Establish a suitable daily routine.

This meant creating a routine that works best for me not just the one recommended by others. What time I go to bed and wake up, my personal devotion and prayer time, exercising, work hours, house chores, nap time, catching up on friends and family etc. and even putting in time stamps on each activity.

3. Enough of the comparison game

This is one thing I used to struggle with but when you shift the focus of yourself or others and place it on God it completely changes everything. Now the comparison I am talking about here is not with other people or businesses but with what I had achieved in the past. It took the pressure of constantly trying to find out what to post or share on my personal social media accounts and actually take things really easy. I even shared an Instagram post on it here

These are the three strategies I have been using lately and it has been working really well for me, I am more relaxed and not under any form of pressure. I gradually learning better ways on how to balance my work life as God reveals & opens my eyes to see.

If you are still struggling with your work life balance most especially as a most of us are still working from home, take some time off to reflect and re-strategize.

Have you found a suitable work life balance? If yes, what did you do?


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