4 Products Makeup Routine Perfect For Hot or Warm Weather

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As i am writing this post, I have a fan in my hand, no makeup on and a bottle of water in front of me; all I am thinking about is how I don’t have to worry about my makeup looking washed off because of the heat or the constant feeling of having to dab my face to keep my makeup in place.

This situation is probably not permanent because there are days where I have to put makeup on to enhance my beauty and self confidence. I typically don’t usually have a lot of makeup on my face because I believe in letting my face breathe and I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on. During the warm or hot weather, I tend to even reduce the amount of makeup products I apply on face and I would be share with you these products;

My 4 Products Makeup Routine Especially In Hot or Warm Weather

1. Foundation or Concealer

I have dark spots on my skin due to the popping of pimples on my face (I know it was a bad habit and I am currently paying the price of it; my current skincare routine has me focusing on fading the dark spots right now) and this sometimes leaves me super self conscious. I use a foundation of concealer to cover up those spots to give my skin an even tone and feel. I am currently using the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr Full Coverage Foundation in shade 355 or La Girl HD Pro Concealer In Shade Espresso or Fawn (or maybe a mixture of both). This products give my skin a smooth base that lasts for about 12hrs of the day and then I can build up on it.

2. Eyebrow pencil

I have been blessed with really scanty eyebrows, i typically don’t leave the house without filling my brows (except on days I could actually not be bothered) even if i don’t use a foundation or concealer. I have kinda mastered the art of filling my brows to suit my face without having to line or shapen it with a concealer (invisible clapping and high-five going on here). I use the Davis eyebrow pencil in 003 or 018

La girl concealer

3. Brown Powder

I use this to give my face a more even finish especially since I have oily skin. This helps to keep my makeup on for a longer period. I use Milani conceal + perfect shine proof powder which tightens the look of pores, helps absorbs oil and as a comfortable feel on the skin.

4. Lipgloss or Nude lipstick

I finish up my look with a lipgloss or nude lipstick. These are my go-to’s any day any time. I usually wear it with a my lip lined with a brown pencil and I just apply the lipgloss or lipstick and smack my lips. Voila! I have been a huge fan of the F&F lipgloss & Sleek lipstick in color 19 for a long time now.

Subtle makeup look - selfie

There you have it, my four product routine for warm or hot weather. Which is your go-to; subtle makeup or full on glam makeup

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