Get To Know Me: 15 Random Facts about me.

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For the record no one tagged me to do this post. I figured this would be an opportunity for you all to get to know me better and get a better sense of who is behind “Pearlsandpencil”.

That being said here are some random facts about me;


1. I am a really shy and kinda awkward person. Most especially if you are meeting me for the first time, blogging has me come out of it gradually.

2. I was born in Nigeria and grew up in to states there (lagos & Ogun). I spent the early part of my childhood up until my junior secondary school in different parts of Lagos, Nigeria. Then we move to Ogun state later and we have been living there since.

3. I have a serious SWEET tooth. My family and friends can absolutely testify to this

4. I have been blogging since 2015. I used to use until I switched to WordPress in 2017. Inconsistency was a big issue for me but it’s definitely different this year as I shared in my goals for the year here

5. I have two sisters and I am the middle one. This means that I am usually the mediator in the group.

6. My idea of a dream date is getting all forms of junk food, sitting in a car and watching a movie….don’t judge me I have watched a lot of romcom

7. I speak just two languages; English & Yoruba (local dialect).

8. I laugh a lot. This has put me in trouble a couple of times and out of it a couple of times too. ( I am actually laughing typing this).

9. I love singing and dancing even though I can’t hit those percent notes and I can’t move like jagger but I find both activities therapeutic.

10. I don’t take alcohol or drink coffee. I have tried both but it’s not for me.

11. I am not one to buy things on impulse. Only if I need it and pay for it immediately, I buy it. If not maybe later.

12. I am a sucker for romantic movies but people say I am not romantic which is super ironic – go figure right.

13. I have a bad habit of forgetting to drink water unless I am really, really, really thirsty but your girl is turning a new leaf this year already

14. One of my lifelong goals is to own an art gallery.

15. Finally I am just me! You can’t find someone like me anywhere else. I am on a journey of fulfilling purpose with Christ and I am loving it so far so good.

Wow! This was fun and liberating. I would love to know one random fact about you.




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