7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

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7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

I have always been the kind of person who doesn’t buy things on implulse, I would rather buy things i have need of at that moment / season than to buy something I won’t use later. Saves time and money to me. When I started using makeup and took my skincare regimen serious I have had to do a lot of research to figure out what works best for me and that’s why if you look into my beauty bag you would probably see a few beauty products in there.

These products are the ones I can easily pick up and take with me in a moments notice. Perfect for popping into my work bag, or when I need a little touch up. Decided to share with you all 7 beauty products you can carry anywhere irrespective of your skin type.

7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

The 7 beauty bag essentials include:

1. Brow Pencil.

Every beauty bag should have a brow pencil. The eyebrows aid in the framing of the eyes, shaping of the face and play a powerful role in communication. I don’t play with them because i have been blessed with scanty brows. On days I don’t want to do my makeup, all I do is fill in my brows and voila! I am good to go. The perfect tools for on the go touch ups!

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2. Translucent Powder.

This comes in handy during sunny or hot weather. You know when your makeup is poppin but by the middle of the day, your makeup has gone from glowing to dripping in minutes. A light touch of translucent powder can literally save your face.

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7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

3. Concealer.

Are you looking to cover up acne scars, blemishes or to dark circles under your eyes, then the concealer is a must have. You never know what can happen to your skin overnight, it’s better to be prepared.

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4. Lip Balm.

Cracked lips. Chapped lips. Dry lips are not attractive at all. Whether you are a lip gloss lady or lipstick lady, it’s always good to have your lips moisturized. Keeping that cute pout in proper condition.

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7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

5. Mascara

Let’s be real here, no beauty bag is ever complete without a mascara. When I started using makeup, I was advised to get a mascara first because it elongates the eyelashes which makes your eyes pop!

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6. Red Lipstick or better still any other bold lipstick (if you don’t fancy the red lipstick)

This is perfect for when you want to switch things up like going from work to that party or date night or when you feel like going that extra mile. I love how it makes me feel brand new sort of.

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7 Beauty Products Your Beauty Bag Must Contain.

7. Makeup remover wipes

Perfectly applied makeup is fantastic but if the foundation is destroyed what can the face owner do! Having a makeup remover wipe on hand when you are not near a sink and you know going to bed at night with makeup on is not going to be so good by the morning.

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There you have it, my top 7 beauty products your beauty bag must contain. Do you have other products you use religiously that wasn’t listed? Do share in the comment section.



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