The Year So Far : June Edition

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Hello darlings!!!

Happy new month! Welcome to the month of June. I know it’s been a hot minute since you have heard from me on here since April but i was pretty much active on instagram. You can follow me there @pearlsandpencil because that’s where most of the action happens.

I am sure you all are probably wondering, where did you go all through the month of May. It wasn’t planned but life actually happened. Honestly, my 8-4 took over literally. For most of you that don’t know I work with an NGO during the day and fit in my blog and content creating in the remaining hours of the day. The month of May started with a complete shift in programs from my NGO and implementing partners which involved meetings upon meetings, visits from our implementing partners and a lot of late nights in order to adjust to the shift. This made me completely exhausted that I couldn’t bring myself to even write a blogpost, instagram became my go-to in order to create a community and still have an online presence.

Honestly, May was pretty good! In so many ways i found myself thanking God for how far He has brought me this year. I found myself in situations that had me WOWED and in awe of His amazing love.

May Favorites

  • Podcast!!! This became a regular for me especially during my everyday commute to and from work. I am currently loving the Fohr ground, The influencer podcast & The I am adamant podcast by Lisa Bevere

  • Rocking my natural hair!!! I basically spent May without any protective style until the last week. I rocked the mini fro, top bun, sleek pony tail. It was really refreshing.

  • Vitalis Olive oil Edge Rite, which I used to achieve my sleek pony tail. Love it because it actually moistures my hair leaving super soft at the same time holding it in.

  • My love for simple jewelry has been reborn, came across this brand (selkiesheffield) just a few days before the end of the month of May and something tells me I might just be spending my coins on them.

Lessons learnt in May

  • Trust God through out the process, remember His thoughts for you are of good and not evil to give you a future and hope {Jeremiah 29:11}
  • Embrace solitude, take out time to get in touch with your feelings.
  • Gratitude, remember you are not the same person you were this time last year. A lot of things happened in the month of May; people went missing, some died, hearts were broken but you are still here. There’s hope!
  • Plan! Plan! Plan! And plan again!
  • Network!!!!!!!!

May was good but Hello June! It’s about to be the best!

Happy New Month again darlings



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