My Night Time Skincare Routine

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When it comes to skincare routines, I find the night routine my favorite. Why you may ask? It’s when I usually find time to do the most with my skin unlike in the morning when I am probably in a hurry to do something or I don’t have the luxury of time to sit still to go through a long or serious routine. Also it’s known that your skin repairs at night, that means the night time routine should be all about treatment and giving your skin the best of time. If it’s dull, exfoliate; if it’s irritated, hydrate and protect.

In order to begin a skincare routine for your self, you need to understand your skin type. Now there are various skin types; oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin etc. As for me, I have Oily acne prone skin; this post is showing you what works best for my skin.


When i use makeup, i tend to do the most on my skin at night in order to remove any excess makeup product on my face. This is what I do;

    Remove my makeup first with facials wipes wet with miceller water. I use the Simple kind to skin Micellar water. I have noticed that it helps to remove the makeup on my face faster and easier
    Cleanse with the foam from my Dudu Osun black soap. Honestly I don’t know what my skin would do without this product.
    I usually exfoliate twice a week or when i notice my skin is looking dull. I use Bio lux skin care Argan therapy scrub. I got this scrub at a local supermarket last year October and it looks like I still have a long way to go.
    When i don’t exfoliate I use this face mask, Face to face peel of mask (cucumber or strawberry) that i saw Sister Sanita aka siainstyle use over two years ago and I have been hooked on it. You can find it in your local supermarket.
    Now my favorite part of my skincare routine. TONER!! I have been using the pixi beauty glow tonic for a few months now and i am obsessed with it. If you are not adding a toner to your routine you are definitely making a huge mistake. This is an essential because it’s like the final step in completely cleansing your face.
    I joined the team ‘The Ordinary Skincare company’ last year when I decided to try out the hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. This helps with hydration a whole lot. It was a good addition to my routine during the harmattan season. I use this on days when i exfoliate my skin because I noticed my skin became drier, this helps to hydrate my skin.
    I finish my skincare routine with this glow oil from anike solutions which contains vitamin c to help moisture my skin and at the same time help with the dark spots caused by acne.


I skip step one and follow steps 2-7. Sometimes I skip the mask and exfoliation and go straight to the toning after cleansing.

After all as been said and done, it’s important you understand your skin type and find out what works best for you. If you don’t know how to figure out your skin type or maybe you do but don’t know what works best for you; I advise you look for a dermatologist near you and book and appointment.

Till next time

Have a glowing good night rest.

Do you have a nighttime skincare routine? If yes which products do you use? If no, is there a reason?



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