Letter From The Editor: April To Blossom.

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Welcome to the month of April family. We made it to the second quarter to the year 2019, lets take a minute to say thank you to God for how far He has brought us this year.

I love this month so much because it is filled with celebrations, two birthdays in my family including mine, celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and much more because I know you all would have something to celebrate this month of April.

For the first time I decided to do a quick research on what April means. April whose name is rooted in the Latin word Aprilis which is derived from the Latin aperire meaning “to open” which could often be referenced to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees.

Now this resonated so well with me because March came with its trials (would talk more about this in the course of the month) and this month of April is an opportunity or should I say a stepping stone for me to blossom to my full potentials. Now I am not just saying this for my self but it’s also for you! Yes you reading this post. I don’t know if the first quarter of the year was good, great or bad for you, but it’s time for you to blossom into your full potential.

What’s in it for us this month for Pearls and Pencil

  • It’s all about growth, self care in our blog posts this month
  • This Month is stress awareness month expect to see something on it on here.
  • A post on what happened in March and lessons learnt.
  • Video content on IGTV starts on the first Saturday of this month.
  • Newsletters would be going out (stay tuned).

I can’t wait to hear testimonies of our growth by the end of the month. Once again Happy New Month darlings and welcome to your Month of blossoming.



Founder & Editor-in-chief


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