A resturant, four friends and the importance of friendships

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“Hey babe we have to meet up soon!” “Oh my God yes, we must.” “Let’s fix a date…..I’ll text you and we’ll synchronise our calendar and get somewhere soon”

Location : La Mango

Environment and vibe : 8/10

Food: 8/10

Customer service : 5/10….they can definitely do better.

Overall experience : It’s okay.

How many of us still keep in touch with friends from our childhood, secondary school or even university days right now. I remember back then….we all promised to keep in touch, especially me with my various diaries and phone books for every next stage of my educational journey. Thank God for the birth of Facebook that helped a number of us still keep in touch (didn’t open my Facebook account till 2009…hehehe) even down to university days.

But then you leave school and you start to take different paths, this reminds me of this quote from one of my mentors

Twenty children don’t play together for twenty years. Do not allow friendship mar you; but let it bring out the best in you.

David Oyedepo

You are replying to mails on the way home from work after a day full of meetings and you being on your feet, shuffling from state to state at the same time replying those whatsapp messages from friends sent in the early hours of the day…trying to keep the conversation going so has not to lose that one bit of connection you have.

But in our some what busy schedule we still have those friends that have remained despite distance, work and life circumstances. Friendships that have grown from classmates to adopted sisters and brothers.

Each friendship is different; some you attend to on a daily basis, some are best stored in the fridge to be consumed within 5 days after which it’s a task, and others you can tuck away in a cool dry place for a later date (where you don’t talk for weeks or days but you pick up from where you were the last time and it just flows). They’re all worthy friendships, nonetheless.

Sometimes we don’t even have time to meet up with important events but hey….I appreciate companies like paperless post that makes things so much easier.

I asked a couple of my friends what friendship means to them and this is what they had to say ;

A friend is someone you can count on. A friend is someone who is there for you at the highest and the lowest points of your life.

Ayobola Ogunmefun | Architect & Baker

Unimaginable bond where strangers come together irrespective of their differences to respect, trust and love each other unconditionally.

Ramat Muhammed | Baker

A friend is your confidant, someone who you don’t feel ashamed of sharing your deepest & darkest secrets with because you trust them unconditionally, they are like your soulmate , you know how you have parents and sibling but there are things you can’t share with them even when you are close but then your friend knows the tiny bits of your life
Someone who never judges you even when she is well aware of the fact that it is your fault.always ready to fight your battles.
A friend is all of this and more.

Bolu Oyede | Media Queen

Friendship is mutual affection between people. It’s these special bond that people share.
Friendship is sharing and giving.
Friendship is caring.
Friendship is understanding.
Friendship is crying and laughing together.
Friendship is arguing and/or fighting and still understand that your best interest is only what is been fought for.
Friendship is agreeing and disagreeing.
Friendship is going days without calling your friends and when you do it’s like you guys have been in touch everyday.
Friendship is looking out for each other.

Bukola Kolawole | Supermom

Friendship is one of the greatest kinds or types of relationships. It is the foundation and backbone of relationships. It is a long life relationship between mature and immature human beings (No age limit ). It is a relationship that simply aids daily growth and lessons. I call it the life time school, because there is no break. You keep learning new things about one another as both parties evolve.
Friendship is a mutual relationship. It is not necenecessary for the affection to be at equilibrium.
It requires time n effort. Most importantly daily willingly trying to get the best out of each other.

We humans are faced with life challenge in all aspects of our life:spiritual, physical,mental n emotional. With God’s help, he has blessed humans with other humans for support. The truth is we rely on one another in hard times. So this is where friendship comes to play a role. A friend is your supporter and a selfless being.
Friendship has played a significant role in decreasing long life health challenges like depression, anxiety and stigma

Temitope Ishmael | Blogger

At the end of the day all that matters is not for us to stick to relationships or friendships that would mar us but rather be in one where both parties are out for the best interest of the other.

What does friendship mean to you?




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