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  • Transforming The Ordinary With Ideal Of Sweden

    Transforming The Ordinary  With Ideal Of Sweden
  • Life Update | What I Have Been Up To.

    Life Update | What I Have Been Up To.
  • Current Favorite Accessories Under $100

    Current Favorite Accessories Under $100
  • A Few Of My Favorite Quotes

    A Few Of My Favorite Quotes

5 Of The Most Versatile Clothing Pieces

Over the past few months, my style has naturally transitioned into a much more fully laid back version of myself. I have found that there has been a number of pieces in my wardrobe that I have rediscovered and worn…

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How I Spend My Weekend As A …

Typically for me everyday almost feels like a weekend for me because I have been working from home since December 2019. The pandemic didn’t help matters too because we were all stuck indoors for pretty much almost half of the…

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8 Tips On How To Be Organized

Even though we are more than half way through the year 2020, it doesn’t hurt to be more organized till the year runs out. Organization takes time no doubt about that, but when it becomes a habit it helps to…

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3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now

I love dainty and minimal jewelry. In one of my most recent Instagram post (check the post here), I talked about one of the blessings of Instagram and Pinterest. It has helped me discover so many brands across the nations…

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Money Talk : Let’s Talk About Our …

I’m in the business of blogging/content creator/ business owner (aka self employed/freelancer) for about 6 months now but before that I was working as the community program officer of an NGO. Even though I was working full time, I was…

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