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  • Current Favorite Accessories Under $100

    Current Favorite Accessories Under $100
  • A Few Of My Favorite Quotes

    A Few Of My Favorite Quotes
  • Work From Home Comfortable Style

    Work From Home Comfortable Style
  • The Weekly New New: Dresses, Bags & Sunglasses

    The Weekly New New: Dresses, Bags & Sunglasses

8 Tips On How To Be Organized

Even though we are more than half way through the year 2020, it doesn’t hurt to be more organized till the year runs out. Organization takes time no doubt about that, but when it becomes a habit it helps to…

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3 Affordable Jewelry Brands To Shop From Now

I love dainty and minimal jewelry. In one of my most recent Instagram post (check the post here), I talked about one of the blessings of Instagram and Pinterest. It has helped me discover so many brands across the nations…

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Money Talk : Let’s Talk About Our …

I’m in the business of blogging/content creator/ business owner (aka self employed/freelancer) for about 6 months now but before that I was working as the community program officer of an NGO. Even though I was working full time, I was…

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How I Am Finding A New Work …

It’s a Thursday morning and I am drinking a cup of tea as per usual. It’s been raining for 3 days consecutively but this lady here is not complaining because it has actually helped me ease into my workout routine…

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5 Things I Am Thankful For That Money …

Hello lovelies, today is the last Friday in the month of May and lately I have been doing some serious reflections on how the year has gone so far. When a word went forth in the beginning of the year…

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