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  • Current Favorite Accessories Under $100

    Current Favorite Accessories Under $100
  • A Few Of My Favorite Quotes

    A Few Of My Favorite Quotes
  • Work From Home Comfortable Style

    Work From Home Comfortable Style
  • The Weekly New New: Dresses, Bags & Sunglasses

    The Weekly New New: Dresses, Bags & Sunglasses

How To Look Amazing In A Casual …

I have always believed that when it comes to my personal style, it’s all in the details. My style is more of a casual, minimal, lightweight and comfortable type of style – when I dress up, I always want my…

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How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer.

We all have that one friend or family member whose signature scent is distinct that everywhere they go, that they get asked what perfume they are wearing.  You might be wondering, did they spray the entire perfume bottle, bathe in…

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20 Of My Favorite Bible Verses For Everyday …

When i was thinking about my favorite Bible verses it was really hard to narrow it down to just 20 (yeah best believe me). Looking through these verses it struck me how that all of them are verses I learned…

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10 Inspiring Books You Can Read Before The …

Today is Book Lover’s Day! Book lovers in the house have a little dance party when you see this. Did you know that an average person can spend about 9 hours a day on social media. Which is 540 minutes…

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The Weekly New New Must Haves.

This is the first of the Friday “The Weekly New New Must Haves” series. This is simply an edit of all best fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces to catch my eye and heart that week. Making sure you guys always…

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