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*clears throat* time for a little life update.

Honoured guests, thank you for joining me here today. I have not written anything for Four. Outstanding. Months + 26 days. Oh wow! Four of the great twelve turns. But I’m back, and today, i thought I should give you all a little life update since I have been away l. 

(Just a few casual thoughts, then.)

First off i guess it’s not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So now that I have that out of the way. 

Let me start off by stating – I’ve REALLY missed connecting with you all on here! I can’t tell you how many looks I’ve shot that I never published on here but probably on Instagram and how many times I started a blog post but just never got around to finishing it. 

There’s really no excuse other then I’ve been feeling less motivated to write and swamped. Yeah I guess the swamping (if that really fits in here) kinda caused the less motivation I think. Even this is no excuse. But Swamped? With what, you ask? Glad you asked. 

This entire blog post is dedicated to keeping it real, catching up and sharing with you what it is I really do and why I disappear for days/weeks at a time. After I finish sharing what I’ve been up to, I encourage you to share, in the comments, what you’ve been up to these past months. I would love to catch up.


If remember clearly, the last time I published a blog post was in November when I completed the 30 days blogging challenge. December came and I spent the first week At Shiloh, which was an awesome time in God’s presence for a whole week. Next up the whole Christmas shenanigans and sorting out orders for my online store – well if you didn’t know I have an online store on Instagram Shop SBA – then the new year rolled in.

To be honest, I had my whole new year structure for the blog, the schedule such as how many days a week I will be publishing a post, my content for the month of January but I just couldn’t write or hit publish. They all didn’t feel natural or good enough, so I took a pause and here we are a couple of months after. I know right! 

While I’ve been doing my best to share everything that’s been going on in my life on Instagram, I feel like I shouldn’t neglect this community because you guys were here even before I became active on Instagram.

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and dive right into this life update!


Since starting off as a freelancer in 2020 it’s being going great so far and I am currently working on making it better. I am a social media manager / content strategist and I started off with one account and I now currently manage about 10 accounts. This looks small but a real big deal for me. I am currently working on expanding my services to reach more clients and hopefully build a team of my own before the end of the 3rd quarter of this year. 


During the pandemic, I wanted to strengthen my other source of income. I had launched Shop SBA in 2018 but stopped at a point when I couldn’t sell most of my products and capital was tied down. Did a couple of brainstorming before the year 2020 ended and so far sales have been up ever since. This had pretty much kept me busy. My typical work schedule includes; sourcing for products, posting them, responding to inquiries, sending out, not resting until each customer gets their order, amongst others. It’s been a real roller coaster but God has been my rock all through. 


TV shows I’ve been watching —  Netflix has been my go-to apart from the Ndani Tv series Game on (which I am yet to complete). I have watched Jane the Virgin (all 6 seasons), Behind her eyes, Ginny and Georgia, I am currently watching Glimore girls again (takes me back to my childhood),

Movies i’ve seen — I have not really watched a lot of movies this year because of the series I have watched. What I have watched so far: Namaste Wahala, A week away (A Musical)

Books I’ve read —  Beyond Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson, Walking In Wisdom by David Oyedepo, Make it happen by Lara Casey, All that glitters by Lynette Sowell, Pleasant surprises by Becky Melby & Cathy Wienke, and a few others that I haven’t quite completed yet. 


… was on April 14th. I did share a post about it on Instagram; it was a great day filled with so much love and blessings. One of the best gifts I received that day was the gift of life, gift of men and love. 


I have been slacking on my workout you guys, I really can’t remember when I last I worked out. Resumed this recently and let me say this don’t stop working out because once you do, you have to start from scratch my people. 


Savings are going strong but investments not so strong. Still working on building my portfolio, recently joined Cowrywise because they have a great investment option alongside a savings plan. If you are starting out or getting serious with your savings and investment it’s a great choice. Another option is Trove, you can buy shares from various companies in different industries such as technology, finance, energy, real estate etc…

So what I’ve been up to? Do feel free to share in the comment section below. 

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