3 Tricks To Dress Up Your Jeans And Blouse.

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More often than not I find myself reaching for jeans and a t shirt, especially when I’m in a rush. I’m sure that a lot of you are the same, right? How then do you style jeans, especially and still create a lust worth outfit that screams stylish. Although it may seem like your favourite white t shirt and jeans isn’t “dressy” enough, all you need to do is to dress up your basic outfit combination is to use these three simple styling tricks. 

Add Colour

I always find that adding a pop of colour can change an entire outfit. Swap your favourite black bag for a pink one like I did, or literally any other colour. I absolutely love this pink clutch from ideal Of Sweden. The pop of color will switch this up by making people give your basic jeans and blouse outfit another look.

Add Dimensions 

Opt for a tee with an inscription or art on it. You can swap your regular round neck for a top or blouse with extra detailing. Just like I have on an off shoulder top with a tied bow at the back. 

Shoes To Talk About

I strongly believe accessories are worth investing in, and that includes shoes! I love when you take a super simple outfit and add a really fun accessory to it. Shoes are a great conversation starter so opt for something fun and colourful. Dress up the jeans with some serious statement heels or platforms!

What are your own tricks? 

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