How To Try And Have A Less Stressful Week.

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The key to having a less stressful week is pre-planning as much as possible over the weekend so that you can tackle the week ahead like a pro.

Let’s face it, we could all use some tips on feeling less stressed. I’ve mentioned in the past how self-care is so important, and one way of taking care of yourself is by reducing the amount of stress you have to deal with.

The following three steps are steps I take to be my best and have the most productive and less stressful week.

Make A To-Do List

This first tip is a pretty obvious one, right!The first step to take in planning a productive and stress-free week is making a to-do list. Prioritize your tasks from the most urgent to the least, and jot down the days you’ll be getting them done. Having a planner or a planning app on your phone can help make this even easier.

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Plan Your Outfits

Now, this is one thing that helped me out when I was still a 9-5er. If you know that you have an extra busy week ahead, pre-planning your outfits can make it go by smoother. Take some time the night before or over the weekend to pick out whatever you’d like to wear the next day. This way you won’t find yourself rushing in the morning before heading out the door, and can maybe squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep.



Truthfully with the tech industry constantly evolving my generation spends a lot of time on our phones and computers. From sitting at a desk all day to checking out social media feeds, to catching up on emails, we deserve some time away from screens. In between your day or in the evening, take some time to focus on your thoughts and unplug from everything else. This may sound hard or impossible but you’ll thank yourself later for putting your phone down.

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How do you try to have a less stressful week? I can take as many tips as I can 

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