How To Create The Perfect Flatlay

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When I started my blog, one of the the things I got introduced to is the flatlay. What started off as a simple layout of a few fun items has now evolved into one of the biggest Instagram sensations to hit your feed. Many years later, it’s still going strong and it’s something you will definitely find on my Instagram feed. 

Today I will be sharing some amazing tips to help you, blog family, on how to get the dreamiest flatlay around. (Read to the end because I have something just for you).

Traditionally a flat lay is exactly what the name suggests, a group of items laid out flat. Usually they are organised in a specific way and taken from above. Lately, this is not necessarily the case anymore! Of course those still work a treat, but now you can create more minimal versions or even “messier” versions of the same. 

Keep reading and enjoy my flatly tips! I would love to know what your favourite flatlay has been so far and what your special tips are! 

Start With A Focus 

What do you want to achieve with your flatlay? What do you want people to see when they come across it? Make sure your flatlays are highlighting something specific. This could be a colour you love, a theme, your favourite bag, your outfit of the day, favorite beauty products! This is always a great place to start. It’s always good to choose something that makes you happy

Chase The Light.

I always love natural lighting because it works better. It creates a soft shadow and maintains the colors. Look out for spots with beautiful natural light when taking your pictures. The best spot is always by a window. I like my flatlays to look so good, they don’t require a lot of filter 

Yes, filters are an amazing way to express your aesthetic but don’t rely too heavily on a filter to fix the lighting in a shot, especially a flatlay because it will definitely show. 

Choose A Backdrop

The key is simplicity because you want the items layer out to stand out. White or textured tiles like marble work really well. Sometimes I like to add an addtional texture to my backdrop like a scarf, blouse or magazine for more dimension. If you decide to go for a bolder background, nake sure the pieces you use contrast the background and stand out enough. Also keep the items you choose simple!

Remember not to have too many points of focus if you are creating a more non traditional flatlay like this one! 

Use The Grid 

Your iPhone camera has a grid that you can use as a guide to your flatlay. I rely on the grid to help me make sure everything is aligned; the grid operates on the rule of thirds so you want your focal points to be in line with the lines on the grid and the crosses between them. 

Think About Color 

Colours are super important, especially when choosing what goes in your flatlay. Choose colours that compliment each other. You can occasionally add pops of colour that act as contrasts (Think about opposing colours on the colour wheel). Essentially, make sure your colours go well together and don’t clash. Make it soothing on the eyes!

You are now fully geared and ready to conquer that flatlay you’ve been wanting to share forever. I think after all these tips that I’ve learnt over time, the most important one is to not be afraid of trial and error. 

If you want to take things further and up for Flat lay game, you can purchase my ebook, which is guide that contains everything I have learnt and discovered over the past five years. It also contains the steps i am currently using to curate the perfect flatlay for my blog, business and clients. In order to help you practice what you are going to learn in this guide, each chapter ends with a “To Do” section with activities to help you understand each process better. 

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I hope you guys enjoy these special tips and tricks to creating the perfect flat lay.

Do you have any more flat lay related questions? Comment below and I will answer them! 

See you tomorrow 




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