A Time To Do Something : Acts Of Kindness

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‘Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realise you’re already in heaven now’ – Jack Kerouac 

In our culture today, and in places like our office, school or even at home, being too nice may not sound cool. But that’s exactly what kindness is! 

We are forever being asked what our best traits are. Right from our University applications, to job interviews, to first dates and beyond. We think of the things we want others to know about us and the traits we think they want to hear about us.

For me there is one trait I want to always have and I look for when I meet new people – the act of kindness.

To me, kindness is tenderness and concern for others. It looks for opportunities to do something (hence the whole “ACTS” of kindness) It actively asks, “Who needs love? How can I ease someone’s burden? How can I touch another person?”

It seems like such a simple concept, that we often overlook it in others and take it for granted in those we surround ourselves with. For me there is nothing more heartwarming, encouraging and uplifting than being kind and having kindness bestowed on you.

Here are three reasons why kindness is my number one (& should be yours too) and why it’s something I hope we can continue to encourage in the next generations.

Kindness Can Be Offered To Anyone. 

No matter your position in the society; Whether the richest person or the one with no job or home, kindness can be offered from anyone to anyone. It’s not something that can only be given or received by a certain type of person, it’s universal. It may not be at the top of our priority list 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be kind, but it should always be something we aim to offer others (and ourselves) when they, and we, most need it. It’s simply asking a ‘Can I help you?’ with an added smile when you see someone struggling, it might just be the tiny act of kindness that will impact someone else in more ways than you can imagine.

It Is Contagious

How often have you been in a terrible mood and someone else’s hug, smile or general happy demeanour has rubbed off on you?
– it doesn’t have to mean huge displays of affection, they can be as simple as a cuddle and an ‘It’ll all be okay’. And even though that may not solve any problems right now, it really does lift you up.
Sometimes all you need to do is lift your head out from under those clouds. You will suddenly realise how many cheerleaders you have.

It Takes You Places

We often forget the lasting impact that being kind can have. Just think about all the wonderful times you’ve expressed just how much you love another person, all because of the kindness they bring to others.
You recommend someone as a friend, as a colleague because of the kindness they’ve shown to you. It doesn’t matter which situation you’ve experienced it, it’s made enough of an impact on you, that it’s enough to shout from the rooftops. Never underestimate how important it is to be kind to anyone and everyone.

To grow in Kindness, ask God to give you a caring heart and a creative mind. Then begin looking around to see the needs of people in your home, neighborhood, work place and in church. 

Tomorrow, The 14th of November is World Kindness Day! In what way can you show kindness to yourself and the people around you? 

See you tomorrow 




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