How To Look Amazing In A Casual Outfit.

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I have always believed that when it comes to my personal style, it’s all in the details. My style is more of a casual, minimal, lightweight and comfortable type of style – when I dress up, I always want my clothes and accessories to boost my confidence. 

When picking an outfit, it’s all in the smaller choices I make and those smaller choices are the details that can make or break my confidence. So here they are, the 4 ways I feel help me to look amazing, even when I want my look to be a touch more casual.


Believe it or not, but using jewelry can completely transform your look. Instead of using one necklace, you can layer it instead. Why settle for one ring (well if this is making a statement already – go for it!) on your finger when you might as well use two or even three. You can ever mix up gold and sliver or gold and something traditional. 


I always think one of the best ways to make my casual outfit look and feel amazing are a pair of my favourite cat eye sunglasses. This will add that “Something” to an already basic outfit. If it’s a day where I don’t wear makeup (which is pretty common a lot nowadays) it completely changes up my look. Suddenly my just rolled out of bed look is completely elevated and so is my mood. 


90% of the time a smaller heel is a great way of looking amazing yet casual. I know a majority of people will not even think about teaming any sort of heel with a more relaxed look but adding that extra height can give off a more sophisticated look! Instead of flats why not pair your outfit with low heeled mules, platform sandals or even kitten heels 


And last but not least and probably most personal to my style, would be to pull out your favorite pieces in your closet! Casual or not we all have those items of clothing in our wardrobes that leave us feeling and looking our best. For me it tends to be a great pair of skinny jeans or an off shoulder top, not only will they go with most other items in my wardrobe but I feel confident in them too. A casual outfit doesn’t have to leave you feeling underdressed.

There you have it! How to look amazing in casuals. Let me know below if you have any tips and tricks for making your casual outfits stand out and leaving yourself feel amazing, even on those more relaxed days! I am always up for more tips. 

See you tomorrow 





  1. Adeola
    November 10, 2020 / 9:28 pm

    I love a good causal look like this xx

    • faithhairfashion
      November 12, 2020 / 2:50 pm

      Thank You Adeola ❤️

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