6 Products To Achieving A Glowing & Radiant Look

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Glowing radiant skin is something I am pretty much always trying to achieve with my makeup looks. Glowing skin really makes you look naturally beautiful and youthful. 

I usually prefer a simple natural makeup no matter the occasion but adding a few highlights and shimmery eyeshadow usually brightens things up. 

Here are the 6 products I use to achieve my glowing and radiant look. 


This Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation is a great fit for me because I have oily skin. It leaves my makeup matte for about 6-12hours before I have to touch up again. If you have oily skin then you can get this. 


Eyeshadows are the easiest way to change up your beauty looks! Nude shimmery eyeshadow is my go-to, sometimes I use a darker shade for a bolder look. I naturally have a bold eye that’s why I don’t use bright colors because it over emphasizes my eyes. I can just decide to use just the light shade for a simpler look or use all three for a bolder look. 


I love when I smile and my cheeks and cheekbones just brighten up! Also my nose love a little extra shimmer too. This 2-in-1 cream & liquid contour & highlight duo from Milani Cosmetics is my go-to (Baked version)


I have been blessed with short and scanty lashes, any mascara that elongates and adds volume to my eyelashes is a BIG YES. I got this mascara also from House Of Tara but here is another option


If about 4 years ago you told me a nude lipstick would be my go-to, I will definitely argue. I love how it completely seals up the entire natural look. It can also be a great base for a more plum lip by adding a layer of peach, grey or pink lipstick. 


Honestly, I sometimes complete my makeup with a setting spray. Why sometimes? Well…I always forget to but when I do it’s never a bad idea! This e.lf. Makeup mist & set spray is a good option

There you have it my 6 products to achieving a glowing and radiant look! 

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