3 Tips To Get Ready Faster In The Morning

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3 tips to get ready faster in the morning
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You know when you wake up after pressing that snooze button on your alarm clock a million times just because you had a late night or maybe you just wake up and realize you can’t seem to find what to wear out that day, this two scenarios ultimately results in you leaving the house late and the beginning of a not so great start to a beautiful day. Well, guess what I have been there before, even recently I had to face that not because I didn’t know what to do to avoid it but laziness just kicked it (hey I am human)

To avoid this mini meltdown and save you precious time in the morning, I have three tips to help you get ready faster.


You might heard about this tip in the past but it’s still number for me. Sorting out your outfits for the week or the night before really puts you in the zone. I have realized that when I sort out my outfit before time, i am more relaxed the next day. Let’s say you are probably too tired to pick out those outfits, it’s good to have a picture in your head of what you want to wear, in the morning you just pick it up and you are good to go. One of the benefits of picking your outfits in advance is that it gives room for alterations and ironing before the morning or day you wear them.

3 Tips To Get Ready Faster In The Morning
A glimpse of my closet


If you didn’t accessories can change or for better description add that extra touch to your outfit especially when you think what you have decided to put on is just to simple. Have your accessories in a spot that is easily accessible. For example I have mine close to my makeup box and skincare products, which means I am constantly reminded about it. Organize the accessories and sort out which works best for you.


Stuck on outfit combination or maybe seeing your entire closet and not sure of what to wear, find a source of inspiration. Fashion i believe is all about re-creating styles to suit your style. There are tons of places you can find inspiration, Pinterest (you can check out mine here), instagram (here is mine), magazines, blogs etc you would find an idea in minutes.

3 Tips To Get Ready Faster In The Morning
Magazine as a source of inspiration

Do you have any tips for getting ready faster in the morning?



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