4 Shoe Trends Of 2019 That I Am Definitely Going To Follow.

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes. -Christian Louboutin

Congratulations! You have officially made it to the second month in the year 2019 and its definitely something to be grateful for. I can’t believe we are currently one month gone in 2019 (well, I can actually believe it). Truth be told, to me it looks like January just flew by. For the first time it wasn’t so slow, it actually felt like i was trying so hard to keep up.

My favourite past time is to surf the world wide web doing what I call “online window shopping”, and more often than not i just end up going through these sites and not order for one thing until maybe whenever. In the course of my browsing, I came across some trends which these online stores noted from last years SS19 collection from different brands and designers, that definitely made me put some things in a shopping cart.

For today’s post I would be sharing the shoe trends in 2019 that I would definitely be wearing;

Classic Loafers

Now this navy blue pointed toe loafers from river island which I found on Asos caught my eye because it takes me away from the usual black-pvc, tassels in front kind of loafers. Sometimes switch things up.

Teva-Inspired Silhouettes

I remember seeing this on missenocha instagram feed in 2018 during her travels and yes I am all for this. It’s oozes comfort. This crystal adorned one also from Asos but from their own collection definitely caught my eye because it elevated it from school sandals to stylish.

Chunky sole sneakers

I am all for this type of sneakers! It was seen towards the end of the year 2018 and I am loving it. That’s all I can say.

Animal Print

This trend shook the fashion world in 2018 and are definitely making a comeback. I saw this lime green beauty from Zara which I immediately fell in love with.

Saw this second one on Casadeiofficial instagram’s page and it immediately went on my wishlist.

Which of this shoes do you think would make it to my shoe collection? Are there any shoe trends you are on the look out for?




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