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Perfume oils - Foleys perfumery

For as long i can remember most of the perfumes i have used have either been given to me by someone as a gift or an act of love. I recently had the opportunity of picking out a perfume of my own but in a different form known as perfume oil from FOLEYS PERFUMERY. If you are a huge fan of perfumes and looking for one that is super handy then this review is for you.

Perfume oils

Perfume oils are less popular than standard spray-on perfumes but perfect for those of us that don’t like walking around in a cloud of perfume. What i love the most about the perfume oil is how handy it is. It’s a small slim bottle that can be applied like a roll on.

Whats in my bag - perfume oils

I have tested out one of the samples for about two weeks and it has not left my everyday bag since. Oils also tend to stick to the skin and linger a lot longer which shows that perfume oils last longer; i have applied mine to both my skin and clothing for a lasting effect. If you are sensitive to overbearing fragrance that feels like the perfume is wearing you and not you wearing it, then perfume oils like this are perfect for you.

Office wear - perfume oils

Another thing i love about Foleys Perfumery is they give you an opportunity to get your favorite perfume in a smaller size at an affordable price.
Perfume oils

Looking for a gift idea for Christmas for your loved one or someone special, you can get them a special selection of their favorite perfumes from Foleys Perfumery

You can order for your perfume oils via their instagram handle —-> FOLEYS PERFUMERYIncase you were all wondering which perfume oil i choose; its the chanel no 5 and it smells divine. 

P.s. The product was given for a review but all thoughts and opinions are mine



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