#LFDW And #GTBfashionweekend Happened And I Was Not Bothered

Off shoulder dress fashion season

Up until now i have not had to question my self as a fashion blogger maybe its because i don’t have an extensive knowledge on fashion and more of an everyday fashion kinda girl. Everyday fashion evolves and opportunity to learn more and grow keeps coming up. 

Like this simple off-shoulder dress i received from my favorite affordable online store ROSEGAL. As usual they always make my heartbeat with love [no pun intended] but you get it. If you are a lover of simple, everyday looks and want to update your wardrobe then they are your go-to. I trust them to get what you order from their site to get to you in good condition.

Off shoulder dress fashion season

Back to the gist, whenever fashion season comes up in Lagos, Nigeria all i hear from people that know i run a fashion blog say is;  Are you going? Whose show are you going for? What are you wearing? Will i see you there?  In all honesty i don’t see fashion shows all that interesting [just my own opinion].  Every time fashion season comes up, i am always toying with the idea of going [maybe i should invest and put more thought and planning / just go because its the fashion blogger thing to do] but then something just comes and i end up forgetting about going all together.

                      DRESS: ROSEGAL

                          BAG: GIFTED

                       PURSE: ROSEGAL

                    GLASSES: ROSEGAL

                   NECKLACE: ROSEGAL


Don’t get me wrong, i love seeing how fashion shows go; the thought and planning that the organizers and designers go through to create amazing shows. Kudos! to them. I just prefer to watch them live, through press shots or through some attendees instastory or snapchat.

Off shoulder dress fashion season

I feel that if i go i might feel out of place [why i feel that way; i don’t know]; would probably spend the entire time hiding in one corner counting down till i can call a taxi. 
From what i have noticed Lagos fashion and design week most times is being in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. This is often tied to tiers of importance and popularity especially for bloggers. Lagos fashion and design week can be enjoyable [opportunity to meet and connect with creative minds & souls that i have always admired online] but personally for me, it looks like too much of it has become about strategically solidifying your status and showing how relevant and in-demand you are.

Another thing is fashion week costs a lot of money. After about three years after graduating uni, i finally got a job earlier this year and in all honesty i am coming to terms on how i spend and the effect fashion week would have on my finances is not something i want to go through right now.

Off shoulder dress fashion season

Now i know quite a number of people who are excited about fashion season and that’s really cool. If you find it interesting that’s amazing and i am super grateful for people like you because i went through your shots, instastories, streetstyles and other channels and to get to know what happened.
Would i be going for a fashion show or maybe a fashion event anytime in the future, right now i can’t give a definite answer. I am actually not bothered.

What are your thoughts on fashion week and events? 



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