Friday Fives : Five things I have learnt working with HIV clients.

Black and white fashion

Black and white fashion

I remember writing a post on my new job with an Ngo in collaboration with an organisation whose aim is to ensure everyone knows their HIV status, and be enrolled in a hospital, take their drugs and ensure their viral load (level of the virus in the body) is suppressed. 
Black and white fashion

Working in a hospital environment and these clients has opened my eyes to some things and I have decided to share them with you; 
1. Gratitude for where God has brought me and what God has done in my life. Knowledge is power my loves, most of these clients contact HIV out of ignorance. HIV can be gotten through unprotected sex, sharp objects and through mother and child. Sometimes we may be careless by sharing sharp objects, going to the salon & barbers shop without our own hair tools and other ways but I believe God’s grace and covering has protected most of us.

2. Compassion is something I have continually been praying for since I started the job. These clients sometimes are confused, shocked and may have no one to share their status with. Treating them with love is an essential. Stigmatisation is something that health facilities need to work on more because I even see it sometimes where I work. 

3. Service. I believe what I do is a service unto God first, then man. This has helped me ignore any ill treatment I may get from both staffs and clients. I go to work every day and just do my job.

4. Address people the way you want to be addressed. 

5. I have become more safety conscious especially since I enter public transportation everyday; my daily safety essentials include; a nose mask, hand sanitizer and hand gloves. 

Black and white fashion

Black and white fashion

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I believe the lessons I have learnt works in any organisation and i hope this helps someone. Till next time 



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