Finding And Living In Joy Everyday.

Denim jacket and white dress

Denim jacket and white dress

I can imagine someone’s mind right now *another monday* *sigh* *this past weekend was too short*. You are probably already counting down the days till its friday again or maybe till something better comes along. But really is that life? Are you really living? Why wait for a day or something to make you happy. Saying “i’ll be happy when ……….”. I believe its time for a change. Its time to see the joy in every single day.

Denim jacket and white dress

Be Grateful.
Gratitude is one thing that would change your life forever. It puts your life in perspective and removes fear, doubt, comparison; lets you see the beauty and good things in your life. I always advise people to get a gratitude journal and start each day writing five things you are grateful for and say it out aloud. Do the same thing at night and watch your life change. There is something about being grateful that lets you see the good and appreciate God for where you are.

Denim jacket and white dress

Live in the present.
Sometimes we tend to over worry about the troubles (which we sometimes create) in tomorrow. Do your best to live present. Focus your 100% on the now. Live to enjoy the adventure of every day…savor the smiles, hugs, cries and everything that comes with it and stop stressing.

Denim jacket and white dress

Denim jacket and white dress

Find time for yourself.
Practising self care is important. Often give yourself a treat; be it a facial at home, getting yourself a gift, taking short naps when you are tired, going for a walk. Do those things that make you happy. It would make you calm and relaxed.

Be still.

Take a deep breathe and relax. When you are feeling down or worried, find somewhere quiet, close your eyes and just breathe. I often do this especially when i am overwhelmed even at work. I would go to the toilet, lock the door and just breathe and think happy thoughts. I even give myself a little pep talk and speak positivity. When i come out i feel refreshed and see things differently.

Don’t let anything steal your joy.

If there is something you are doing that makes you unhappy, stop it!!! If there is someone that makes you unhappy, cut off!!! Dont let nothing steal your joy. 

Denim jacket and white dress

Always try to see the positive in everything or everyday. Remember the ordinariest day or annoying day can end up being the best of days. So smile and be excited about this new week because its going be great!!! Till next time 


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