Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

We all love a crisp white shirt, but even better when it has something unique about it. You all know how white makes an outfit look fresh and clean and it gets better when you are looking to make a statement with it.

Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

I feel in love with this Zaful White wrap shirt with its puffy sleeves and lace trimmings. It is like an updated version of a classic white shirt. My favourite thing about this shirt is the way it fits on me and the v neck that is always so flattering. 

Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

Added to my accessories collection with these glasses and marble bangle  (both from Zaful). The glasses is a tad bit big for my face but I believe I am rocking it in this post and the bangle is my new fave at the moment. 

Updated White Shirt // New Accessories.

Can you peep my bucket bag..wrote a post about it here

By now you guys would probably see that I am officially in love with Zaful. You can shop items like this white lace bodycon dress and more here 

Have an amazing new week loves.



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