How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer 

How to make your perfume last longer

We all have that one friend whose signature scent is so distinct that everywhere she goes. She is often asked what perfume she is wearing (even you ask too). You might be wondering, did she spritz the entire bottle on herself? Does she bathe in the perfume? Or maybe she carriesaid one with her everywhere she goes.

How to make your perfume last longer

Well she doesn’t have to do all that. There are simple steps she might be taking and I would like to share them with you

  1. Spray on your pulse points

I.e on your neck,  below your midriff, on your calves and knees, behind your ankles, inside your elbows and on your wrists. These spots are the warmest on your body and will diffuse the scent naturally throughout the day as your pulse quickens and slows. 

      2. Store them properly 

I personally used to love to display my little perfume collection for the world to see which was a big mistake. When perfumes are stored in light bottles (crystal or light glass), it breaks down more easily. Store your perfumes in a cool & dark place to keep them in their full strength, then bring out to apply when needed. 

    3. Stop rubbing your wrist

When you do this you are just destabilising the perfume components, making the smell dissipate quicker. Instead spray on your wrists and press down with your palm or apply a little vaseline to your wrists and spray. This would trap the fragrance in.

There you have it. Do you have any other tip? Do share it in the comments section. Till next time 



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