My New Bathtime Obsession 

Hey loves, 

Agodi Park Ibadan - New bathtime obsession

This past week I took an unplanned vacation which was something I guess I needed,  it gave me time to relax and re-strategisand get myself in order.  I spent the last week in Ibadan ( Capital of Oyo state, Nigeria); stay tuned for a post on how I spent a week there. 
When I was there I had a serious case of pimple breakout and i didn’t understand why. I was eating right and maintaining my skin care routine, the whole situation left me irritated and angry. 

During my stay in Ibadan, i went to a supermarket and I found my new bathtime obsession which is BEAUTY FORMULAS TEA TREE BLACKHEAD CLEARING FACIAL SCRUB. This product is amazing!!!!!! (this is me not exaggerating).  I use this product everyday and my skin is officially in love. 

My new bathtime obsession - tea tree facial scrub

My skin is now softer than ever with little or no breakouts. Adding this to my skincare routine has been a blessing. Tea tree itself helps to neutralise an infection caused by the acne bacteria and it causes less irritation and this product has done just that. 

My new bathtime obsession - tea tree facial scrub

Cheers to better, beautiful and glowing skin. 

Has anyone used this product before or any product that has tea tree in it? Do share.                                



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