Kick Start Your 2017

Kickstart your new year

Happy New Year!! I  am so grateful that we all made it to 2017.  It’s that time of the year when new year resolutions start to flow. “New year,  new me” would be seen or heard everywhere. 

Do I believe in the whole “new year,  new me” idea.  Naah!!  Yeah I get it,  it’s a new year,  so new page right.  I believe it’s just another opportunity to be better than the previous year,  and not make the same mistakes again.  Instead of using resolutions, let just call it GOALS. 

I already have my goals set up for the new year,  but if you are yet to get yours ready. Your girl has got you covered.  With the new year,  usually comes fresh energy and it’s a great opportunity to make small or big changes in life. 

Get Organised 

Get rid of all the clutter and everything else that is no longer useful.  De-clutter your life now!  Organise your office space,  room, kitchen, wardrobe,  emails (unsubscribe from the ones you are no longer interested in).  Set your self up for success.  I have created a calendarplanner and note to get you started for this month,  just click on the highlights 

Preparation is key

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.  Start NOW!  Don’t wait till tomorrow or when the holidays are over.  Get to work

Time waits for no one 

No more excuses,  no more complaints. Say no to procrastination.  Whatever your goals are,  get a plan ready for how to execute it, prepare and, start working towards them

Write & create the vision

If you are willing to make any change,  you have to define your goals.  First of all, get a notepad & a pen and write them down. 

Then the Lord answered me and said: write the vision and make it plain on tablets,  that he may run who reads it – Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV) 

You can also create a vision board for the year, using pinterest or creating a physical one. If you want to be on the cover of a magazine this year, cut out your favorite magazine cover paste, it on your vision board along with your goals and other inspiring images. Place it where you can see everyday. This would inspire you and keep you motivated. 

Be persistent 

Whatever it is you have planned out,  don’t ever think of giving up. 

Keep pushing and never doubt yourself 

Don’t do mediocre work,  give it your best.  If and when you come across any road blocks,  take a deep breath,  go around it and find another way. 

Follow your heart

Do the things you love.  Follow your dreams.  Don’t compare yourself to another person in your niche or industry.  If and when you make mistakes,  learn from them and move on.  Be grateful everyday. Practice self love & care,  do small & great things for others but don’t, neglect yourself


This part right here is important. Commit your goals and the year into God’s hands.  He already knows how the year is going to end,  trust him with this year. 

Above all,  stay focused and try to have fun all the way

Have a wonderful & successful year filled with pleasant surprises!!! 



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