Friday Fives: Five Must Haves When I leave the house 

My top five leave home essentials

Hey lovelies,  can’t believe two work weeks are gone already. Time flies…. Duhhh!!! Hope this week has been a good & productive one.  If you feel you didn’t achieve all that you wanted to, don’t fret, take a deep breath,  the weekend is around the corner.  Relax and use it to re-strategise. 

On a much lighter note wanted to share with you guys five things i cant leave home without.

  • My Phone

Who amongst us cant leave home without our phone(s), raise your hands -guess nobody- Who like me has a phone that practically works like a second laptop. Yeah, the first i pick up when going out is phone even if i am just going down the street.

  • A Book to read

Most times i get bored when in commute. I always like to have a book with me. 

  • Earpiece 

I am always listening to music or a message half of the time.  When out,  I plug one ear in and leave the other out and I am good to go.  Sometimes if I happen to leave the house with out it I kinda feel incomplete 

  • Powder & Cotton Pads 

I have really oily skin,  when the sun hits my face it’s like there was an oil explosion on my face.  I always have extra cotton pads to dab on my face to soak up the excess oil, then I apply my powder for a smoother finish. 

  • Snacks 

Yes snacks oooo. Name it biscuits, sweets,  chewing gum actually anything edible.  Now it’s not because of my sugary tooth -maybe partly,  don’t judge- but I kinda get car sick.  If I don’t seat near a window I must have something to ease the nausea hence the yummy snacks in my bag. 

There you have it!  My five things I can’t leave home without.  What can’t you leave home without? 



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