Netflix & Chill

Happy Boxing day!! Even though I don’t have any box to open lol!  Still yet to understand the idea of boxing maybe it’s because it’s not something we take seriously here in Nigeria. Hope we all had a great Christmas celebration though. 

This boxing day, I am spending it indoors and I have got a few movies I have to catch up on;  which I would be sharing would you.  Thanks to Luma (the mastermind of a customizable home surround wifi system)  for the inspiration 

Delicious Cupcakes

Top on my list is The Catch…. Watched the first two episodes and, yh I am hooked 

Watching Lethal weapon

Amstel Malta, Cupcakes and Comfy Clothing

                         Outfit Details 

                      Joggers: Mrpfashion

                      Black Bodysuit: Asos

                  Cupcakes : Delly cakes and Cookies (Nigeria only) 

What have you got planned this boxing day? 


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