Merry Christmas!!!! 

Christmas day is finally here!!!  Christmas this year is definitely a different one with a big twist,  which I would be telling you about in another post. Well to console myself would be talking about the things I am grateful for this Christmas. 

2016, is definitely one year I would never forget. Filled with so many ups and Downs,  dissapoinments and blessings.  A year of growth and putting my complete trust in God wholeheartedly. This Christmas God has given me a lot to be thankful for

– The Birth of Christ. 

We wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas if christ wasn’t born today. Sometimes I wonder what the world have turned in to if not for Christ. And I am glad He came to this world

– Family 

My biggest support system after God of course.  They are the real MVP’s;  been there for me through out this year in so many ways I can’t begin to count.  I am grateful we get to spend this Christmas together as a family,  dining, laughing and embasking in the joy of Christmas 

– My Blog 

Obviously, this year we have grown together. Started this year with a blogspot domain to having our self-hosted domain.  We have grown on our social media handles,  collaborated and still collaborating with a couple of amazing brands. Connected with quite a few bloggers not just in Nigeria alone but around the world.  I would say it has been a good year thus far,  and I am excited for what the remaining days of 2016 & the new year 2017 has in store. 

– Friends

Both old and new friendships.  I have met a lot of people this year that has helped me grow a lot.  If I begin to mention their names it would be quite a list.  I would mention just a few;  Tomiwa, Bukola,  Deolu, my New family Christeen and so many more. You guys are the best. 

– You

Yes, you!  Thought I would forget you.  Nash.  To my readers, followers,  supporters known and unknown, visible and invisible. Lol!!  You guys actually make me continue to create content.  You push me beyond my limit and have helped in my growth.  Pearls and Pencil would probably not be where it is without your help.  Thank you! 

                       OUTFIT DETAILS


                   Shoes: Shoerepublicla 

                      Wristwatch: Rolex

What are you grateful for this Christmas? 

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