Friday Fives #3

                    Hey Babes!!! 

Am i the only one who is usually super excited about fridays, its not like i have a job i am tired of going to but i have been going for sewing classes and by friday i am super drained and looking forward to the weekend for some relaxation 

Shoes: In love with this shoe from jessicabuurman 

Skin care: Been loving sugar scrubs lately.  Just added it to my morning skincare routine and my skin has experienced a drastic change 

How-to use the sugar scrub

– Get the regular granulated sugar;  it could be plain or brown (I personally use the plain) 

– Apply your regular bathing soap or wash on your skin,  then use the sugar to scrub. 

That’s it! 

Interior: How cool is this inverted triangle mirror.  Definitely need to try it out. 

Source: Bloglovin

Instagram : Loving this challenge #20daysofFlatlay.  Check out my instagram to find out more. 

Movie: My fave Telemundo series at the moment is “Manuel & Silvana”

Until next time babes!  Hope we all a fantastic weekend! 





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