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An ideal pair of sunglasses is a Jackie-of-all-trade. It’s a derision in the face of ultraviolet (UV) light and performs its due diligence of protection. Now that Mr. Golden Sun has slowly inched its way out of gloomy clouds, the perfect pair is needed more than ever.
Before you begin keep in mind:
-Not everyone fits into just one type of face shape.
-Look in the mirror and determine if your defining features are more angular (sharper) or rounder (softer)
-When seeking an extra-protective pair of sunglasses, look for options with polarization.
-Polarized glasses can greatly reduce glare and put up a stronger fight against UV radiation, which may damage the cornea and the retina.
-However, high-quality and polarized sunglasses do tend to have a higher price tag
-Consider the likely occasions you’ll be wearing the pair before purchasing one. You could get a cheap one if its to be worn occasionally such as a fun trip, beach and wont cause heartbreak if misplaced but a pair you’ll wear often and while in direct sunlight may be worth an increased investment
-Comfort should come first when purchasing or choosing sunglasses the right pair shouldn’t noticeably shift or move, they should also fit close to the eye, but not pinch or squeeze anywhere.
-Size does matter—Smaller frames for smaller faces, larger frames for larger faces, “Find frames that span the width of your face, center your eyes, and mirror the arch of your brows,” Says Ritzy Ryciak, a personal stylist at online eyewear boutique Rivet & Sway.
Round face
A round face is usually sweetly spherical, has full cheekbone, soft and curved edges, a more marrow forehead and jaw line/chin. Avoid rounded frames because it may further amplify the roundness of your face. Look for sharp edges and upward lines to lengthen the face adding interesting dimension as well. Oversized rectangular frames also make a stylish statement on women with round faces. Just ask Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who turn to this silhouette time and time again
Heart-shaped face
A heart shaped face includes a broad forehead, high prominent cheekbones and ends at a smaller jaw line. Aviators are a chic choice for those with heart shaped faces. Cat-eye shades are also ideal as their upward angle are parallel to the outline of the bottom half of your face and cheekbones.
Oval face
An oval shaped face is usually symmetrical and proportionate, longer than wide, a narrow forehead and jaw line. The latest cat-eye designs are decidedly modern accessory for those with oval faces, like Olivia Palermo.
Angular or square shaped face
A square shaped face is usually fairly symmetrical and proportionate, wider than long, a broad forehead and a defined jaw line.  Invest in a rounded pair of sunglasses; cat eye frame that curve upwards will draw the eye up creating softness in your strong jaw line. Retro circular frames, favored by Beyonce, complement angular features in an ultra stylish way. Avoid bulky or thick frames as they may appear heavier on the face. Try frames with thinner, narrow rims that are suitable for lengthening and softening a square-shaped face.
Do you know which face shape you have? Are you a hybrid of more than one type? What type of sunglasses do you feel is most flattering? Please do share your tips in the comment box below or contact me via email or any of my social networks.
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