Going From FOMO To GOMO

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Have you heard of FOMO?
FOMO (Fear. OF. Missing. Out.) Is a pervasive apprehension that other’s  might be having a rewarding experience from which one is absent.
FOMO is not fun at all……sometimes we all including me definitely succumb to that feeling of “ugh, so and so looks like they are having the best time of their life”. 
This whole thing can be stopped. Enough of the pity party, gurllll. lets not get into the world of Netflix and chill, It’s high time we went from FOMO to GOMO (Going. Out. More. Often). Let’s use this fall season to explore what’s going on around us. I am the kind of person that prefers to just sit at home watch a movie or get a good book to read. I plan on squashing that this season.
There are a lot of events going on around in Nigeria that we probably miss out on because we didn’t know in advance. We can easily squash that with EVENTBRITE. You can use their event planning software to create, search, RSVP

for events in your local area without any stress. 

 Here are a few of what’s happening this month of October that would try to take part in 
 – Yardsale Celebrity edit which would be coming up on the 9th of October from 12 noon- 6 Pm. 
 – Mente de Moda’s Octofest on 9th of October from 12 noon. 
 – Never been to Cafe Neo….adding that to my bucket list. I guess these are enough for now. I want to be realistic and achieve at least one of these instead of just saying it. Lets beat FOMO and get into the act of GOMO.

Outfit Details : Denim Jacket: Thrifted, Crochet Top: Thrifted , Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Jessicabuurman, Purse: David Jones, Wristwatch: Rolex.

        What are your suggestions for GOMO? 


  1. Jegede Olusanya
    October 5, 2016 / 9:57 am

    Nice. You should try to achieve at least two them.

    Get into your GOMO act, lol

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