5 Reasons Why You Should Shop The Pleated Skirt

Typically, pleated skirts are usually seen to be worn during spring but who says it can not be worn all year. You can wear it shorter when the temperate rises and longer during the cooler seasons.

Pleated skirts flatter all figures due to the fitted waist, creating a ladylike silhouette.

I would be showing different ways to rock this trend;
– Dress it up with a casual sweater

– Wear it to work with a crisp button up shirt and black heels

– You can wear it with a crop top

– Create that sporty-casual vibe with a pair of sneakers and denim jacket

– Wear it with a sleeveless blouse and ankle boots.

Would you invest in a pleated skirt this season? if yes how would you style it.


P.s. This post was inspired by Topshop’s collection of beautiful clothing


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