Orange is the new black

Orange is one of the trickiest colors to wear, to the point when going out to buy it and place in our closet it stops us in our tracks.
I remember getting this shirt as part of a business deal and at first i didn’t know what to wear it with.
Orange is said to be exuberant, energizing and invigorating, that explains a lot 
I am sure you are wondering how then do i
wear this color without looking like a Halloween decoration. Its simple just follow the tips below;
1. Pair orange with neutrals such as white, cream, navy blue.
2. Start out slow, dont go all out with orange if you are not comfortable with it yet.
3. Accessorize with orange either with your shoe, purse, jewelry or even nail polish.
4. Try orange with prints, which gives your look an extra edge.
Are you likely to wear orange any time soon?
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Watch: Rolex
Earring : Gift

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