The Jessica Buurman Story

I remember taking a nap on boxing day last year and waking up to see a notification from Jessica Buurman on my instagram page.

On checking it I found out I had won their giveaway, which involved me and three of my friends picking any item from their online store ☺. I was super excited and happy.

I decided to pick this lovely pump, because of the three shades of color and also because I didn’t have any in my shoe collection.

Delivery was between 10- 25 days and they kept to it. Even when it got to Nigeria they kept emailing me to be sure I and my friends had gotten our package.

On getting the package I would say good job. It was sealed properly and neatly packaged. In all, I would say I should definitely be ordering from them in the future

Thank you Jessica Buurman. 


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