9 Ways To Be Positive

I’ve always admired people who choose to see the good in any situation, it’s a quality that I am still practicing on a daily basis. Decided to share the following tips to make it easier to practice

1. Surround yourself with positivity
Keep positive, kind and generous people by your side. Find people who are loving, a joy to be with, that encourage you to be your best. As your relationship with them grows some off their positivity would rub off on you.

2. Keep healthy
Eating better can make you feel more confident with yourself, which would lead to a positive perspective.

3. Think positive
What you think of yourself is what you become.

4. Express gratitude
Living a life of gratitude is one the most powerful qualities a person can have. It helps us savor the good things in our lives and see them as gifts. Gratitude can involve just saying ‘thank you’, showing appreciation for someone or returning kindness.

5. De-clutter your space
It’s amazing what a clean and organized workspace can do for your outlook. You can check out an old post for workspace inspiration here.

6. Set goals
Having goals gives us motivation and a sense of accomplishment,  which can encourage a positive perspective. Start with small goals which will gradually make you feel more confident and hopeful towards life.

7. Get enough sleep.
Getting enough sleep can often determine your attitude for the day. I’ve noticed a difference when I don’t sleep well, I get cranky, I am slow, and the whole just feels like a drag. If you struggle with sleep; try switching off your phone or putting it on silent when going to bed, have a particular time you go to bed or drink a glass of milk with honey it should help.

8. Never compare yourself
Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing. Just do you.

9. Spread positivity
Finally, spread positivity. Something as small as giving a compliment or a simple act of kindness can help spread positivity. When you sow positivity, you reap positivity


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