Tuesday Trend: 10 Ways To Wear A Hat

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I believe that in about every woman’s closet (okay, maybe not every woman, i think) you will find a hat that has never seen the light of day. She loved it in the store, she adored it in the the comfort of her own home, but the thought of wearing outside among the general public always made her knees a little shaky. Well, It’s true. Hats can be tricky. So many questions run through your mind, like; Is it the right size?  The right shape? Are u wearing it right? Best piece of advice when getting one: If you love the way it looks, own it.  Hats are super on trend this season and a really great way to shave 20 minutes off your morning routine in a pinch. Bad hair day? Not anymore!  Here are 10 ways to rock your favorite headpiece with confidence.
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